Mosaik, WDR 5

Mit seiner Beobachtung fügt Gerhard Schick tatsächlich einen Mehrwert zu den starken Bildern, die die Kompanie DIN A13 in ihren Performances schafft. Er zeigt die Produktions- und Rezeptionsweisen ihrer Kunst, und leistet so etwas, was gerade einer zur Abstraktion neigenden Sparte wie dem Tanz gelegentlich fehlt: Vermittlungsarbeit. "Einladung zum Tanz" ist aber auch eine behutsame Annäherung an eine fremde Kultur und an sehr besondere Menschen. Selten gelingt die Dokumentation einer Tanzproduktion so facettenreich und sensibel wie in diesem Film.


New York Times

In the surprisingly compelling “Invitation to the Dance: Body and Taboo,” the filmmaker Gerhard Schick captures the working process of Gerda Koenig, a German choreographer who has muscular dystrophy, as she creates a dance with disabled performers in Kenya. Essentially, it is a film about the artistic process; Ms. Koenig, tough and refreshingly unsentimental, doesn’t suffer fools gladly.



A wonderful film. Intimate, interesting, provocative and important. The film achieves a good balance of process, performance and background (the personal and social context of each of the dancers). Terrific!!


Picture This Festival, Toronto, Canada

Extremely well directed...fascinating, especially the chorography... great opening sequence; shows both barriers and possibilities... passionate!

Ballettanz aktuell

Koenig’s choreography takes simple images and turns them into a driving force. The intimacy created by DIN A 13 is not put on display, it is intervention: the open-minded audience has the limits of physical ability paraded before them without the merest hint of shame. The disabled body is transformed beyond this into a source of additional power.